Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Canada Day!/Toronto Appreciation Day!

Canada Day, Toronto Appreciation Day in Ottawa. The stage was set. And what a smashing success it was. Good, good stuff.

Ottawa and Toronto share a mutual respect, because generally people who hate Toronto often hate Ottawa for the same reasons. Like "Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze" etc.

There is also the hockey rivalry between the Senators and the Leafs to consider. But here's an interesting notion. If it had been the Senators that went to the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto would have been behind them for the most part. And I think that the Ottawa fans would have been behind the Leafs. Sure there would be some die hards but this is about bringing the cup back to Canada from the States. Edmonton and Calgary, however, would both rather see Americans take the cup over eachother. Interviews we did in Calgary were unanimous. "No way, we want the Hurricanes to win. Screw Edmonton."

Chew on that for a sec. Tastes funny doesn't it. Point is that Ottawa, whenever it meets Toronto in the playoffs, chokes. They are chokers. Choke-a-matic.

That said, Ottawa DEFINITELY showed the most appreciation for Toronto. The pictures don't lie. Hundreds of people and fireworks etc. It was FUN! And I'll tell you what, some people have called Ottawa the comfortable shoe capital of Canada. I now know this to be true. Way to go Ottawa.

Some guy from Calgary pointed out that he didn't come all the f-ing way from Calgary to see a f-ing Toronto Appreciation sign. Maybe he didn't know that Canada day and Toronto Appreciation day are essentially the same thing. Toronto is the engine that drives Canada after all.

Here is some cows - they like Toronto obviously. Its clear. Clair comme l'eau de source the French say.

This is Bath, Ontario near Kingston. I accidentally called them Sink but that didn't "dampen" their spirit of appreciation. That was a good jump.

Oh and here we are near Athol, Ontario (snicker) at a beach called the Sand Dunes. And como lo usual everyone was into it.