Monday, June 19, 2006

More Edmonton Pictures!

Go Leafs Go! Er, I mean Oilers, although, we all know who they are looking to for inspiration. S'funny - they chant let's Go Oilers but all the posters say Go Oilers Go. Weird. I'm in Edmonton tonight for the celebrations on Whyte avenue, so look for us!

Everyone was very appreciative of Toronto, and especially my Gretzky jersey. I love the city of Champignons.


Anonymous Jaclyn Wall said...

Hahahaha! The look on the cop's face is priceless! I think it's amazing what you're doing (I'm from Toronto but living in Ottawa, so I feel the anti-Toronto sentiments! Why is that, Mr Toronto???)

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Geoff VP said...

People hate toronto because of people like you who feel that toronto is actually important enough that they have to go across the country and shout it.
It has nothing to do with the city itself. It's the people, and the attitude.

I could point out many things in your blog that prove my point, if you want.
(Such as actually putting Gretzky on your Jersey)

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Go Edmonton!
They're so nice and neutral, the whole country can feel okay about cheering for them to win tonight.

Now, if it were the Leafs in the finals (ha!), there's no way there'd be such unity throughout the country. As much as I love Toronto, it's a very un-Canadian city.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Al said...

Edmonton is the Switzerland of Canada.

Ottawa is the England.
Vancouver is the Netherlands.
Quebec is France, except for Montreal.
Toronto is the US, but only the northern states.
Calgary is the southern states.
The Maritimes are Canada.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Turd Fergision said...

Toronto is festering shat hole that need to be exterminated from the face of the earth. Enjoy your packed streets and smog filled air you turd. I hope you get run over by a street car.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous shan mcfee said...

Rob i can't wait to see the finished product!! Especially teh lesbians stripping you!!MEOWOOOWWWWW!! take care and see you soon!!! Jane and I haev some great ideas for the "absoultly fabulous" belle vegas addition!!haha..later dood..keep up the good work..if that is what you call it.


11:07 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Dear Mr. Toronto,
I saw you on the Gill Deacon Show today. You ignored the obvious. Clearly, you are not very adept at research. The reason why we all hate Toronto is palpable to those of us who are not oblivious to our own faults. The reasons are multi-layered, but they are NOT the ones you theorized about. It is NOT because Toronto is too big, too small or too multicultural. The rest of Canada is also very multicultural, and, believe it or not, we do have large cities outside of Southern Ontario (and most of us LOVE Winnipeg). If Torontonians ever left their own backyards, they might know this. Your comments today were ill-informed, and false. Shows what you know about us, which is not very damned much. This leads me to my first point.
Almost every Torontonian I have ever met has been ignorant, arrogant, snooty, self-centered and pretentious. You, yourself, demonstrated this insufferable trait in spades, today. Torontonians think that they are better than everyone else. Torontonians also think that civilization ends 20km outside of their city. I daresay that they wouldn’t even be able to locate Thunder Bay on a map, let alone discuss the history of the North West Company! The ignorance of Torontonians toward the rest of the country is only ONE of many reasons why the rest of us, especially up in Northern Ontario, HATE Toronto.
Want another reason? How about this: All of our Northern Ontario tax dollars are siphoned off, and given to Toronto. They have freeways. What do we get? Potholes and donkey trails. They have more government jobs than they know what to do with. What do we get? Contract jobs. Toronto has grown rich on the backs of the hard-working, blue collar Ontarians who helped forge this country, by working in the bush camps, on the railroads and in the mines. But do we get any respect from the haughty Toronto businessmen in their overpriced suits? No. We receive derision, for our practical plaid flannel jackets, and classification as a “backwater” by every moron who drives their Saab through Fort William. You folks bitch and moan about our towns not being “pretty” enough to suit your tastes. Here’s an idea: how about sending some of your government grant money for infrastructure our way? And the next time you whine about why our roads are so bad in the North, and why we don’t have a four-lane trans-Canada highway for your gas-guzzling pollution-mobiles, ask the politicians who kiss Toronto’s butt after every election, and ignore the rest of us. Torontonians just think that everyone should love them, automatically. But what has Toronto ever done for the rest of us, in order to earn that love? Nada.
Here’s another reason for you. For YEARS the CBC would only cover Maple Leafs games. What about us Redwing fans? Mr. Toronto, I would be willing to bet that you couldn’t name two Thunder Bay players who played for the Wings. (Do the names Benny Woit and Alex Delvecchio ring a bell?). And what about those of us who cheer for Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver? Maybe, the reason we don’t cheer for your gang of goons on skates is because we would rather cheer for teams that actually have an outside chance of winning the Stanley Cup in our lifetimes!
Torontonians think they are entitled to have everyone cheer for their sports teams, and bow to their supposed superiority. But I ask you: what superiority? The superiority of a bunch of creampuffs who whine at the first snowflake, or complain when the temperature drops below –10 degrees Celsius? And you call yourselves Canadians????? Give me a break! I’d like to see the lot of you go blueberry picking in the clear cuts during blackfly season –you wouldn’t last five minutes. You Torontonians are just a bunch of un-rugged, wimpy whiners, and we hate you! Deal with it.
Mr. Toronto, perhaps this e-mail will help you to get a clue about why we REALLY hate Toronto, and why we will continue to hate Toronto, despite you conceited campaign.
Toronto Sucks!!!!
Thunder Bay, Ontario

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find Claire's rant about Toronto hilarious. Does Northern Ontario really need freeways? You guys don't even have the traffic volumes to support it. I'm a Torontonian and I've been to every province in our fine country, and I've never harboured any animosity towards anyone. All are great parts, well and good, and I'm glad we're all in this country together. No idea why people say that the city I chose to live in sucks or why they're trying to throw us out. I don't say the same about Van/Montreal/Halifax.

PS - I've been to Thunder Bay too - wonderful town; loved the Terry Fox lookout. It's a beautiful part of Canada up there, perfect for some.. just not for me!
So maybe you should think about that the next time you

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Mr.Toronto 2 said...

Dude....watched the Video......Awesome documentary........How can i get in contact with you.?

10:44 PM  
Blogger Mr. Toronto said...

Hello mr.t2

You can try me on facebook - Mistr Toronto

or check out the website at -

glad u like thw show

8:31 AM  

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