Friday, September 01, 2006

Now is your chance to come to Toronto Appreciation Day!

As the Toronto Appreciation tour comes to a close, I can't help but think that I am forever a changed man. I can no longer take this city for granted because so many other people do. Sure, Toronto has its problems, what world class city doesn't? Pollution, crime, garbage, these things will exist in any city, let alone one that has millions of residents! I will not rest, I cannot rest, until this city gets the credit it deserves.

We still have one more Toronto Appreciation Day in Hamilton on Labour Day Monday, September the 4th. At 3 PM come to Lot J at the Ivor Wynne Stadium, where The Toronto Argonauts will be playing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It's bound to be a great time!


Blogger jewelgurl said...

So your tour is coming to a close. Looking forward to the documentary. Keep us in the know when it will be aired. Thanks for visiting my blog. TORONTO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Schultz said...

Saw the trailer... Nicely done... Now about if only there was a doc about Hammy Hampster's production vehicle...

1:09 PM  
Blogger Sheathera said...

...just like a Torontorian to make a film about the hard-on Toronto has for itself, which is supposed to spite the rest of Canada not at the center of the universe. Hmmm, I wonder where this "unfounded" criticism comes from.

Toronto is a city. Yup. A big fat metropolitan area in a great country. But that is about it. Toronto doesn't celebrate a fisherman's heritage, a farmer's pride, a mountain climbers exuberance, etc, etc,... it celebrates its metropolitan "domination", which many Canadians see as ignorant snobbery. Is Canada about cities? About sprawling urban places? Hmm. Mr. um, Mr. Toronto might think so...

Extensive research (Try Porteous, Environmental Aesthetics, 1996) tells us that urban places can be celebrated if they are properly planned... and people do need the urban places that they live in to please the senses. If Toronto is a satisfying urban place, complete with cultural districts, "green communities", effective public transit, safe atmosphere, healthy atmosphere, and a "welcome Canada, let's show you a great time" attitude, then good for it. But let me tell you, that doesn't make it the place to be. The place to be is where you are. Canadians celebrate their local places and have pride they are willing to share... not pride they wear like a faux fur coat.

I'm from Victoria BC, and other Canadians that meet me see it in the sparkle in my eye when I tell them, not in the smog under my nose when I lift it...

I look forward to your flim.

Victoria, BC

4:00 PM  
Blogger Garden Gnome said...

Hi, I saw you on The Gill Deacon Show yesterday. This trend was a new one for me and I am Canadian, born and bred. I made an entry on my personal blog, with a link to your blog and how we view Toronto. Keep up the good work.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a little eye opener for the almighty "Torontonians". Want to know why the rest of the country hates you? Here's your answer.

I grew up near Toronto and spent alot of my time in Toronto with my family. Like everyone else from the area I believed Toronto was the best place in Canada, no where else could beat it. I had never really noticed how people kept their heads down and were only nice to people they knew. That was until I moved to Prince Edward Island when I was tweleve and came back to Toronto one year later for a trip. What a depressing week let me tell you.

Living on PEI I had grown to enjoy the pleasure of walking down the street and saying hi to people as you passed them, seeing smiles on faces, and actually having a door held open for you by a total stranger when you were entering any building. On my visit back to Toronto I saw none of this. In fact I remember having doors shut right in my face on more then one occasion because someone couldn't be bothered to take two seconds out of their day to wait for someone following them into the same building. I never saw a smile on a single persons face unless it was part of their job to do so, and even those were few and far between. I also remember saying hello and giving a small smile to a couple of people as I passed them, but all I got in return was a look as if to say I was a crazy person.

Of course the clincher to the Toronto hating is when the residents of this city visit the rest of the country, and think that since they are from the "great city" a red carpet should be laid out for them where ever they go. I work in a retail store and it is funny how everyone who works there can peg who is from Toronto. They are the rudest bunch of people. I will admit that being from the east coast usually means that you have a little bit of a "twang" in your speech and vocabulary, however it seems like it is an obligation the torontonians have to comment and criticize us on it. (You speech isn't perfect either Toronto...try adding PLEASE to your vocabulary). Even the fact that when asked where they are from they say Toronto instead of just Ontario like the rest of the province, and provinces for that matter. They say it as if as soon as it is said we should be bowing down to them in aww. Give me a break.

So a small piece of advice for all from Toronto. If you want the rest of the country to stop hating you, be a little nicer to the people around you and stop thinking and acting like you are better then the rest of us. You have a long way to go before you come close to it.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been to Toronto, had a condo on Bay street, worked there, left and glad not to be there.

Now don't get me wrong, Toronto has it's ups, but it's the attitude people give off. I have never seen so many who act like they are better then the rest of the world because they live in Toronto. If it wasn't for the arrogant attitude that they give off, perhaps Torontonians would be better appreciated by the rest of the country.

I am not saying everyone there is like that, but the percentage of those who were, highly outweighed those who weren't.

BTW: Why is Toronto Appreciation Day for July 1st (Canada Day) Held in Ottawa, the nations capital. Is this the result of the attitude of Torontonians trying to step in on the nations capital city on the nations birthday?

...and don't even get me started on the Leafs!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Kev From Montreal said...

Toronto sucks, its the worse city in Canada, you got the balls to diss the other cities on tv shows but you dont look at how rotten Toronto is. your just like your city.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had to do a nationwide tour to figure out why people hate Toronto? Buddy, lemme clue you in fast. You answered your own question in a news article recently;

"Top honours go to Vancouver, Nerenberg said. "Vancouver is much more resentful."

Another snort from Mr. Toronto.

"I think here's what happens, is you have somebody who can't cut it in Toronto. They like to lay around and smoke pot all day and maybe do the occasional kayak. So they move out to the 'mountainlands' where they can basically escape the responsibilities that we carry in Toronto to make the country work."

First things first. NOBODY hates Toronto more than Hamilton, ON. They all know you're jerks, but we have to live next to you.

As for the rest of the quote... y'know how you feel when you run up against that... utter indifference and blind ignorance that American exude towards Canada? Well, the rest of us get that from you. This country has 30 million citizens, not just the 5 million or so in the GTA. I have friends in Toronto who can't locate my hometown of Hamilton on a map. You want to hold a little 'Toronto rocks' party in the parking lot at Ivor Wynne? DURING THE LABOUR DAY CLASSIC?!? Better bring your own cops for crowd control, because a Ti-Cat crowd isn't gonna stand long for that, and our cops won't stop them from hurting you. I hope they do maul you, man, because you're clearly dumb enough to deserve a Darwin award.

Fuck you and the rest of Toronto, asshole.


7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find all the hate towards Toronto hilarious. People don't seem to get it. We choose where we live; if you wanna live in Hamilton, go for it; if you prefer Victoria, that's great. That's the beauty of Canada - it's so wonderful and diverse. No place is glorious or perfect, but Toronto's the place for me. I won't trample on anywhere else - I love the Ouelette strip in Windsor, the madness of George Street on a Friday night in St. John's, hanging out around English Bay in Vancouver or a bagel from Fairmount in Montreal.

If I, as a Torontonian, can enjoy such things, I don't see why other Canadians can't see the good in my home as well.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toronto Fuckin sucks, I just seen you on the hour with george mr toronto and i grew up in Wasaga Beach which is the real reason i hate toronto, i am not jealous i moved to Vancouver because its beautiful unlike toronto, also one of the most livable cities in the world unlike toronto, has less pollution and crime unlike toronto, we can ski, kayak, mountain bike, and swim in the same day unlike that shithole. As far as the leafs go its in the blood when your born i cant get rid of that so GO LEAFS GO but Toronto can as Borat would say "uhh how you say eat my assholes"

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Creep said...

Toronto is the greatest im from saskatchewan and moved to toronto in 2000 loved it for 5 years then moved to alberta but toronto is home to me. im watching lets all ahte toronto on cbc and they said toronto is the most americanized city in canada i guess they havent been to greedy alberta lol but in the deffence of the USA we should be like them imagine the tax break, lol. So from Lloydminster AB/SK TORONTO ROCKS

1:30 AM  
Anonymous creep said...

OH YEAH vancouver SUCKS

1:31 AM  
Anonymous victor l said...

i jus saw your documentary today an im 17 in high skewl an i thought it was amazing, i also think you should somehow rally up like 300 people an go to each place and then see if they talk shit, but it would probably cost to much

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

an fuck k that anonamous guy hes a pussy if he thinks toronto sucks then come down here an say it you bitch

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger David said...

Toronto is a Big Village for new Immigrant as shelter.
There is no entertainment Exepect Getting drunk and Eat more food.

Goverment does not care about beauty of the city (it's british system .. What can we expect !!??? )

The city is so freaking boring !!!
The health system is worse thatn Medical Services in Oganada !!
Drs are inexperienced and all they care is to use your OHIP card as much as they can !!!

Emergency Rooms are PACKED because the MAFIA if Drs is scared of skilled Non Canadian Drs to competed with them..

Overall, Toronto for me is Like Buffalo NY>!! But if you have to live there.. then ... good luck !!

4:38 PM  
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