Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Home for a Rest

After my world wind trip out West, I have finally made it home to my beloved Toronto.

The CN tower never looked so beautiful as I drove back into the city. It nearly cause a small tear to form in my eye. I LOVE THIS CITY!!! The more I travelled, the greater this city looks. Yeah, Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, and Edmonton were nice and have their little place in Canada. But TORONTO is KING!

So now I am going to take a little break to rest my weary body from all the (neck) hugs I have received, and enjoy this wonderful city I call home before I travel to the East.

I have to admit; this was a great trip, met nice people, ate well, drank better and had a great time. BUT and here is the BIG BUT.

Mr. TORONTO is VERY UNHAPPY about one thing.

Mr. TORONTO’s PRIZE possession is missing. Mr. Toronto’s now very famous Maple Leaf/Gretzky Jersey is gone (and yes, Mr. Toronto realizes Mr. Toronto is referring to himself in third person). Someone has ‘borrowed’ the jersey right from under Mr. Toronton in Edmonton. Perhaps it is because Toronto is such a safe place that Mr. Toronto has grown less vigilant about his personal property, and missed the culprit in action. Well Mr. Toronto is VERY sad right now and has to go walking in his much-adored town to try and make sense of this evil shirt-napping.

If anyone knows anything about this shirt, please contact Mr. Toronto via this website.

Please don’t keep Mr. Toronto crying, especially since he no longer have a jersey worthy to wipe his tears with.


Blogger Shan said...

This is an outrage! The creation of such a jersey itself was the most outrage I could handle, but the theft of it?! WE ARE OUTRAGED.

8:00 AM  
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